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Compliance has never been so easy! Our Certified Testers handle your cross connection control testing and submit the report to the City

Have you received a letter from the in The City of Calgary or The City of Airdrie telling you that your device is due for mandatory testing?  Maybe your device test failed and you are looking for a second opinion or a better price on repairs. Whatever the case may be, don’t wait. We can quickly answer your questions or arrange a visit. Remember, it is your responsibility to get this testing done annually, regardless of whether you get a letter or not.

With years of experience testing hundreds of devices each year, we have the knowledge to troubleshoot problems to ensure your drinking water stays safe and healthy.

Our Armadillo Cross Connection Control Specialists are registered as Certified Testers with the City of Calgary and the City of Airdrie.  They are also certified by the AWWA (American Water Works Association).

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Cross Control Device Testing in Calgary, AB

Our technicians maintain the American Water Works Association (AWWA) certification for cross connection control

Frequently asked questions about Cross Connection Control Devices

The city sent me a letter saying I need to get my devices tested. How soon can you get here?

We offer a variety of appointment times and can often accommodate you within a couple of days, especially if you are past the due date.

Do you provide a better rate for more than one device?

Yes! Devices must be at one address to qualify for a bundled rate. Property Management companies, commercial property owners, tenants, and condo boards are all eligible for bundled rates and can save a lot of money this way. Even homeowners who have more than one device are eligible for a bundled rate.

Will my water need to be turned off?

Yes. Each device test requires your water to be shut off for approximately 15 minutes. If you have tenants, or anyone else that might be affected by having no water, please ensure you provide them with proper notification that their water will be shut-off for a short period of time. We guarantee to be there within the time frame given, in order to minimize any inconvenience.

What is a Cross Connection Control Device?

Basically, it is a piece of plumbing equipment that protects the water you drink from becoming contaminated with something that could be dangerous to your health and the health of your neighbours, such as harmful toxins, chemicals or bacteria. Contamination can happen if a device is not working properly when water flows backward (also called backflow). Devices come in many shapes and sizes.

How serious is this?

Devices do fail the test sometimes. If a device fails, it can contaminate the public drinking water supply with harmful chemicals and bacteria. This can be extremely serious and the owner can be held responsible for damages. That is why it is extremely important to comply with our Canadian Plumbing Code and local municipal by-laws to ensure all your devices are tested annually.

What happens if my device fails?

Devices have moving parts inside, along with rubber pieces that can wear out or become damaged. The metal parts on your device can also warp over time. If your device fails, we always choose the most economical & practical solution. We can replace the parts that caused the device to fail. In more serious cases, the device may need replacement.

What will it cost to repair my device if it fails?

Prices vary on parts, depending on the make, model and size. We can give you a free estimate for parts and labour costs. That way you'll know ahead of time how much it will cost to get your cross connection device working properly again. There is no obligation to hire us to do the repairs, however, we must file a failed report with the municipality within 3 days, and you must have the device repaired or replaced within 5 days.

I don't want to have to remember to call every year for this. Do you have a reminder system?

Yes! We want this to be as painless as possible. We will call you next year to set up your appointment, before your annual device's test due date. Our automatic reminders will notify you before your next test is due. You can choose the method that works best for you — email, text message or a phone call.

Are you certified and registered in the City of Calgary, The City of Airdrie and Strathmore?

Yes. All testers are certified by the AWWA as Cross Connection Control Specialists. We are registered as testers and possess valid business licenses in Calgary and Airdrie. Although the Town of Strathmore and rural properties outside the cities do not yet have a structured cross connection control program, we still strongly recommend that clients protect their health and minimize their liability risk by having their devices tested annually.  Reports from these areas are submitted to Epcor and/or the municipality.

We are a busy business that uses water all day long. How can we get the test done when water needs to be shut off?

We work with our clients to schedule appointments for the slowest portion of their day. Once we set up our equipment, we can be sure that you are ready for the water shut down and have the actual testing portion done in less than 10 minutes per device.

We know how important water is to businesses like laundry services, restaurants, and car washes. If you need a repair done, we don't mess around with soldering copper lines, testing, and re-soldering. We have the tools to cut and replace the lines extremely quickly. Our experienced Journeyman Plumber has cut out and replaced a device in an extremely busy coffee establishment in 15 minutes flat — a job that would take a couple of hours if done in the traditional way.

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